It may be cold - but summer will come!

Time to get started in the garden for 2018

As part of our practical news, here is some advice on what to start in your garden in February.  I know summer seems a long way off, but there are things we can get started now to bring a flash of early colour to the garden patio and kitchen.  

Why not prepare now and look to match with our flower towers for spring.  Begonia tubers look great in Towers!!

Tomatoes and Cucumbers plant well in towers to if you have limited space. 

Things you can sow in the green-house

Plants to look at..... 

  • Lobelia (heated propagator)
  • Antirrhinums
  • Sweet peas 
  • Plant begonia tubers (hollow side up) in pots of moist compost and cover with a little compost. Keep them in the sun and frost free.
  • Chrysanthemum plants from seed - start them in the greenhouse for the early blooms
  • Geraniums soe indoors now for earlier flowers.
Things to eat
  • Asparagus Pea seeds under cover for planting out in late spring
  • Aubergine seeds now for indoor crops by this summer.
  • Start early sowings of brassicas under cover. (Brussels Sprouts, Summer Cabbage and Cauliflower
  • Celeriac is a slow growing vegetable so start now!
  • Cucumbers and tomato plants start sowing seed now in warm weather
  • Peppers, leeks and onions take ages to grow so start sowing them now
Hope you enjoy … If you want more News like this please let us know …

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