The patio area almost looks like summer is here

Well Spring seems to have finally turned up after what seems like a much longer break so last weekend we finally got some time in the garden. I can't just blame the weather as we have been away quite a lot recently too, but it has felt too miserable to do much even when we were at home.

The patio area almost looks like summer is here, most of the plants have done ok this winter, although there are some plants showing some damage from the beast from the east a few weeks ago. Hopefully it will just be marked rather than anything more serious. 

We gave some flower towers to a local gardening club for the elderly. This is what they had to say.

“I've had such fun building our Flower Tower and being part of The 10 Minute Garden Club! I was so excited to try vertical gardening for the first time and this project definitely added the much-needed
punch of colour and height that my patio was lacking.”
“Along the way, I picked up a few tips and tricks that I'd like to pass along so you can make sure your Flower Tower is a blooming success!

CHOOSE PLANTS THAT ARE COMPACT, IE. STANDARD 2” POTS. THE FLEXIBLE HOLE DESIGN WILL ALLOW SLIGHTLY LARGER PLANTS, JUST ENSURE THAT THE ROOT BALL DOES NOT PUSH ON THE INTERNAL WATERING TUBE. When planting bush or trailing Tomatoes in a Flower Tower, we suggest planting in only two holes per tier as they are fibrous rooting and have a huge spread.”

The 10-minute garden club recommend the following plants.

  • Aubretia Royal Mixed
  • Aubretia Royal Mixed Primrose Peach Melba
  • Pansy (not trailing) Primrose Rosebud Mix
  • Primrose Rosebud Mix Viola Amber Kiss &Meteor
  • Fuchsia compact variety Bellis Perennis Pomponette
  • Ageratum Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Mixed
  • Geranium Wall Flowers (orange)
  • Begonia all types Petunia Mixed Hardy
  • Petunia compact varieties Snapdragon Trailing
  • Gazania Tiger Stripes Sweet Peas (compact)
  • Calendula Citrus Cocktail Calendula Citrus Cocktail
  • Bellis Pomponette Nasturtiums (dwarf compact)
  • New Guinea Impatiens Rocket various types
  • Diascia Fuchsia (Giant Pink)
  • Verbena Laurentia Blue Stars
  • Chalibrachoa (petunia) Tomatoes (small varieties)
  • Early and Late Strawberry
  • Campanula Portenschlagiana Blue
  • Dianthus pink

So, transform your patio this summer with a dramatic tower of flowers! This ingenious new UK-invented planter is quick and easy to assemble and plant up, easy to move  (even when fully planted), easy to care for, and robust enough to be used year after year. Its clever internal watering system evenly distributes water and feed throughout the tower, creating an even bloom from top to bottom. 85cm (33½") high x 25cm (10") diameter.


01/05/2018 by kathleen macdougall

can you tell me where I can buy the flower towers please

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