Garden Products with a Difference

The Mud Daddy

Mud Daddy ® washing brush for Bike, Tools, Car, Garden, Pets
Portable mud/dirt washing brush for muddy dogs, bikes, boots, tools and other muddy items. It works without electric or battery power, using a combination of water and air pressure.

Mud Daddy's washing brush is best solution to keep your muddy days clean and Muc free.
No more muddy footprints on the kitchen floor, no more paw prints on the patio door.
For bikes avoid a hose or jet wash as it can damage the cogs, chain and moving parts.
You can Mix bike cleaner and degreaser inside Mud Daddy's 5lit container for best result.

*5-litre capacity
* Heavy duty
* Portable and compact
* Environmentally friendly
* No need to battery or electric
*1.2 meter hose
*Built- in sprayer brush