Fathers Day Offer

Fathers Day offer 2 garden wall towers for the price of 1

Treat your Dad with this great offer - The Flower Tower™ is a wall mounted tower that provides an easy to grow, low-maintenance column of blooming colour that is perfect for garden lovers who enjoy patio or balcony living. Designed on the UK, Flower Tower is an innovative product which allows flower lovers everywhere to produce spectacular portable displays of colour.

Visit www.10minutegarden.co.uk/p/flower-tower---floor-st...

Both the Flower Tower™ range and the wall mounted version are manufactured in the UK by a British company and are made from 100% recycles material. The Flower Tower™ has an internal watering system which converts minimum water to maximum growth. It ensures even distribution of water and feed throughout the tower, creating an even bloom from top to bottom. The Flower Tower™does not require pumps or electrical appliances of any kind. It’s clean and easy to use

Alongside the Flower Tower, we also offer a wall tower stand. This robust, free-standing stand holds four wall towers, and will be a unique and attractive addition to your garden.



11/12/2020 by Weattenem

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