Automatic Watering for 2 weeks - no vacation worries

Automatic watering - no vacation worries

We developed a range of products to keep your plants watered whilst you are on vacation - Yous can help the environment by using recycled plastic bottles as watering devices - see how!!  watch visit

Here are some usefull tips for July and August

This is often one of the hottest months of the year and a great time to sit out and enjoy your garden. With our range of products you can water your plants automatically whilst you are on holiday for up to 2 weeks!

Keep plants looking good by regularly dead-heading, and you'll enjoy a longer display of blooms. Make sure you keep new plants well-watered, using grey water where possible, and hoe off weeds, which thrive in the sunshine.

1. Order your Plantpals now!!
2. Care for houseplants while on holiday – use our Plantpals for a no worry holiday
3. Use your plastic bottle recycling kit with a 2 liter plastic bottle bottle to give you plants water when they need it for up to 2 weeks while you are on holiday (see the posted video.)

4. Water tubs and new plants if dry, but be water-wise

5. Deadhead Your Flower Towers - bedding plants and repeat-flowering perennials, to ensure continuous flowering
6. Up the watering for your Tomato plants.

7. Treat you apples and plumbs to avoid scab and other blights.
8. Clear algae, blanket weeds and debris from ponds, and keep them topped up
9. Give the lawn a quick-acting summer feed,especially if not given a spring feed

10. Harvest apricots, peaches and nectarines 

11. Check clematis for signs of clematis wilt

Care for Flower Towers
Flower Towers, Patio and container plants look stunning this month and to keep them that way it's time to step up the watering, weeding, deadheading and feeding.
The Flower Towers will be packed full of roots, so the plants need lots more water than they did back in June - especially as the weather’s hot and dry. Water daily.
Feed weekly, as the nutrients in the potting compost will have been used up by now. We recommend a liquid feed high in sulfate of potash as this encourages flowering. Use as much as it takes to thoroughly dampen the compost throughout the container.
Keep your Flower Tower displays looking fresh and vibrant with regular deadheading. We advise doing this little and often, going over the plants every day or two. For plants with short stems just nip off the flower head, and for ones with long stems, remove the entire stem so plants don’t end up looking like a lot of spikes.



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